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Toll Uncrewed Systems is transforming Australian businesses with leading drone operations and training solutions.

About Toll Uncrewed Systems

At Toll Uncrewed Systems, we deliver high-end UAS operations and drone training across Australia. Our services are provided with comprehensive Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) delegations and approvals.

We operate more than 100 aircraft, including multirotor, fixed wing and Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) drones. These drone systems are paired with an extensive range of payloads and support equipment.

This allows us to conduct operations including surveying, mapping, crop spraying, inspections, search and rescue, research and more.

For customers in defence, oil and gas, civil infrastructure, engineering, agriculture, forestry, public safety, mining, emergency response and beyond, we have solutions that can revolutionise the way you work.

Meet the Team

Wayne Condon

Chief Pilot

Lesley Condon

Training and Operations Manager

Drew Bacon

National Sales Manager

Ben Harvey

Operational Remote Pilot and Trainer

Matt Stokes

Operational Remote Pilot and Trainer

Brett McBain

Operational Remote Pilot and Trainer

Grant Eaton

Operational Remote Pilot and Trainer

Australia’s Leading Drone Training and Operations Organisation

The team at Toll Uncrewed Systems are some of Australia’s most experienced drone pilots in operations and training.

As one of the first businesses to offer dedicated drone operations and training programs, we have been instrumental in shaping Australia’s drone industry.

Our work with CASA, aviation training specialists, businesses and students has helped us become a leading provider of drone training and operations.

That’s something we’re proud of, and it’s an achievement we’ll never rest on. We aim to be the best and deliver solutions our customers need, so you can rely on us to support you in your success.

Moving the Drone Industry Forward

The drone industry is one of the world’s fastest-evolving sectors.

The technology and applications are always changing, and that means it’s our job to stay at the forefront of new developments.

At Toll Uncrewed Systems, our aim is to drive the industry forward. We’re committed to innovation, exploring new technologies and exploring what drone systems can achieve.

From investing in new drone operations to developing training designed to align with the evolving landscape of aviation systems and regulations, our team is on a mission to ensure clients get the outcomes and services that allow you to achieve your very best.

Part of Toll Aviation

Toll Uncrewed Systems is part of Toll Aviation.

Toll Aviation is an experienced provider of crewed and uncrewed specialised operations and training, delivering both standalone and integrated solutions to support Government, Defence and the civil sector.

Toll Aviation combines the operational and training expertise of Toll Helicopters, Toll Uncrewed Systems and The ACE Training Centre.

Our Solutions

Drone Training

We help aspiring pilots achieve their dreams. Whether it's obtaining a drone pilot accreditation or licence, we have a training program that will suit your needs.

Drone Operations

We provide safe, efficient and cost-effective drone services to support projects in infrastructure, engineering, agriculture, mining, construction and beyond.

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