• CASA T40 Agras Endorsement

CASA T40 Agras Endorsement

The DJI T40 Agras is the latest in agricultural technology, and we can teach you to maximise every spraying and spreading mission.

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Course Overview

The T40 course offers experience in the practical application and operations of a T40 Agras drone. It is designed to train you to a competent standard to operate the T40 drone in an agricultural setting, using the spraying and seeding capabilities of the drone.

Upon completing the training, you will be eligible to sit your CASA T40 endorsement, allowing you to fly the T40 in a commercial setting.

The course is 2 days in duration with some basic theory followed by practical flight time of approximately 4 hours.

Classes are limited to 2 people, so you get the maximum time and focus from our instructors.

Note: You must hold an existing Remote Pilot Licence to undertake this course.

Upcoming Course Dates

Enrol in one of our upcoming course dates if you’re ready to master the DJI T40 Agras and earn your CASA endorsement.

  • Brisbane Training Courses

  • Sydney Training Courses

Course Content Includes:

  • Training on the T40 systems
  • Componentry and Maintenance of the T40
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Flight Planning for Manual, Semi-Autonomous and Autonomous Modes
  • Mapping Operations

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