• Advanced Drone Systems

Advanced Drone Systems

Expand your skills and get more from advanced drone platforms with a course that focuses on the practical application of modern systems.

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Course Overview

The Advanced Drone Systems Course is designed to give you experience in the practical application of drones and modern drone system capabilities.

This new course introduces modern drone systems and technologies. We provide a mix of theory and practical primarily using the M30T, M300 or M350 RTK aircraft and its capabilities.

The course is a 1 day/evening course with theory in the afternoon and flying into the evening.

Classes are limited numbers so you get the maximum time and focus from our instructors.

Upcoming Course Dates

Enrol in one of our upcoming courses to learn more about advanced drone systems and how they can be used to maximise your work.

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Course Content Includes:

  • RTK Systems and use of RTK systems in application of drone technologies
  • Application of thermal imagery systems in day and night
  • Laser ranging
  • Crew resource management including use of multiple remote controls in drone operations
  • Introduction to EVLOS operations
  • Artificial Intelligence systems in drone operation

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