• CASA Sub 25kg Powered Lift – VTOL

CASA Sub 25kg Powered Lift – VTOL

Expand your existing RePL qualification and become VTOL approved with powered lift training at our base.

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Powered lift is a category of RPAS operations that is fast becoming the norm in commercial applications.

Powered lift drones begin each flight as a multirotor before transitioning to fixed wing flight. This makes them particularly useful for long distance and duration flights. Powered lift drones are commonly used in industries such as forestry, mining, surveying, energy providers, agriculture and coastal patrol.

Our powered lift training course allows you to build on your existing RePL qualification. Upon successful completion of the course, we can upgrade your existing RePL to show that you are VTOL approved.

Training includes theory elements on how VTOL platforms operate, mission planning and how the aircraft transition from multirotor to fixed wing flight. Students will gain a minimum of 3 hours of flight training with our powered lift platforms to develop practical flight experience.

Toll Uncrewed Systems provides courses for both Sub 7kg and Sub 25kg powered lift licence categories.

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Upcoming Course Dates

We offer regular intakes for our training courses. That gives you the flexibility to choose a date that suits your schedule.

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27 Aug
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
23 Sep
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
08 Oct
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25 Nov
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Course Content Includes:

  • Vertical Take Off and Landing theory
  • Hands-on training with industry-standard VTOL and platforms
  • VTOL mission planning
  • 3+ hours of flight training

Course Prerequisites

Students must hold a current RePL in the same weight category that you wish to gain your powered lift endorsement. So, if you want to gain a Sub 25kg powered lift endorsement, you must hold a Sub 25kg RePL.

If you don’t already hold your RePL, you will need to complete one of our initial drone training courses beforehand. If you’re unsure which course you need, feel free to contact our training consultants and ask for their help. We are always happy to figure out which courses suit your goals and provide a training package that can help get you there.

What is VTOL Drone Training?

Traditional multirotor drones have found a home in dozens of industries across the world. However, while multirotors are highly suited for some purposes, fixed wing Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) can typically cover larger areas faster and more efficiently.

The only challenge associated with fixed wing drones is that they require clean takeoff and landing areas. That means fixed wing RPAS are difficult to operate in dense environments such as heavily forested or populated areas.

Powered lift platforms solve this problem. With the ability to takeoff and land vertically, powered lift RPAS can be launched and retrieved in the same amount of space required by multirotor drones.

That means fixed wing powered lift RPAS combine the best of both worlds. They’re as easy to deploy and retrieve as multirotor drones, but they can cover much larger areas more quickly and efficiently. While powered lift RPAS aren’t a replacement for multirotor platforms, operators can use the two systems together to perform almost any task.

CASA Approved Powered Lift and VTOL Drone Courses

At Toll Uncrewed Systems, we work closely with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure we are delivering safe, relevant drone training to our students.

We maintain a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC.0872) which authorises us as a CASA approved Training Organisation. That means we can issue our students with their Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) upon successful completion of our powered lift training courses.

With options for both Sub 7kg and Sub 25kg powered lift endorsements, we can provide CASA approved training that covers a wide range of the industry’s favourite powered lift platforms.

Expand Your Career with Powered Lift Training

The ability to operate both multirotor and powered lift drone platforms is valuable for drone pilots in mining, forestry, surveying and agriculture.

As the industry evolves, offering efficient and convenient solutions to your clients becomes more important. Investing in a powered lift training course allows you to gain experience on a range of drone platforms and expand your career prospects with powered lift endorsements.

We are happy to work with pilots of all skill levels. If you are getting started or simply want to develop your skill set, we can tailor a powered lift training package to suit your goals. If you don’t hold a current RePL, you will need to explore our drone licensing courses before undertaking powered lift training.

Talk to our training consultants if you have any questions about the prerequisites for obtaining your powered lift endorsement.

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