Drone Surveying Services

Power your development project with state-of-the-art drone surveying services.

Why Use Drone Surveying Services?

Drones provide accurate survey data that’s quick, efficient and affordable.

1. See Critical Data in 3D

Drone surveying services produce high quality results quickly, profitably and safely. In surveying, drones can be used to generate high resolution 3D models of buildings, terrain and other assets, as well as to capture volumetric measurements. With the right sensors, drone surveying services enable us to produce accurate maps, data and 3D renders to help you make smarter decisions in your development.

2. Predict Potential Roadblocks

The 3D models produced by aerial surveying can provide insightful data that allows you to understand shifts in the earth’s movement. This makes it simple to identify potential roadblocks that may cause damage to roads, railways, bridges and other structures. Our drone surveying services mean we can predict the problems you’ll encounter and develop solutions to protect infrastructure from damage.

3. Simplify the Planning Process

Aerial surveying is the ideal tool for simplifying surveying and planning. Our drone surveying services allow us to give you a clear view of your site. That means you’re equipped with the information you need to start planning and constructing roads, buildings and utilities. Even before the project begins, the data we produce allows planners to examine site conditions and deliver greater outcomes.

What Are Drone Surveying Services?

The aerial surveying business has revolutionised surveying for all projects in construction, agriculture, engineering, infrastructure, mining and other industries.

Drone surveying services make use of a wide range of cameras, sensors, imaging equipment and modelling instruments. This blend of technology means drones make it simple to perform dozens of common surveying tasks.

Drone surveying services are used in broad variety of applications, including:

  • Large-area surveys for construction, engineering and agricultural projects
  • Surveying properties and structures ahead of infrastructure work
  • Volumetric and quantity surveying
  • Disaster modelling, monitoring and planning
  • Terrain and contour mapping
  • Inventory and stockpile management

How Drone Surveying Services Work

Thanks to advances in technology, it’s now common to use drone surveying services to handle many of the tasks performed by traditional survey teams.

To deliver project efficiencies and accurate data, aerial surveying services use commercial grade drone platforms. These cutting edge drones provide longer flight times, increased range and they have the capacity to carry a variety of aerial surveying equipment.

We tailor our drone surveying services to suit your project requirements. Depending on what information we’re trying to collect, our aerial surveying drones may be equipped with cameras and sensors such as:

  • LiDAR laser scanners
  • Photogrammetry and aerial mapping cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Inspection cameras
  • GPS receivers
  • Radar transponders

Benefits of Aerial Surveying

Working with an aerial survey business is the best way to collect data and inform decision makers on the ground.

Our drone surveying services are an excellent tool for projects in every industry. We’ll work with you to ensure we’re capturing the information you need. Our drone surveying services offer several key benefits to project leaders, including:

  • Drone surveying services are highly cost-effective
  • Modern technology means aerial surveying is accurate to the centimetre
  • Suitable for quickly surveying expansive areas and large structures
  • Drones can be rapidly deployed and retrieved to provide critical data when you need it
  • Aerial surveying is ideal for surveys over difficult, dangerous and inaccessible terrain

While drones can perform a wide variety of surveying tasks, they’re especially useful for projects that take place over large areas. This allows us to rapidly deploy drones and collect data over large regions, such as for rail corridors and agriculture operations.


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How is aerial surveying conducted?

Drone surveying services use commercial drones equipped with a range of technologies. Aerial surveying often uses cameras, LiDAR sensors, radars, GPS receivers and thermal cameras to collect relevant survey data. Toll Uncrewed Systems offers a comprehensive range of drone surveying services. To make sure we’re providing the data you need, we tailor each of our services to match your application.

What are the advantages of drone surveying services?

Drone surveying services are rapidly transforming the industry by providing accurate, rapid results. By minimising the time involved in the survey process, we’re able to reduce project costs, accelerate the planning process and help you execute more successful projects.

What is the purpose of aerial surveying services?

One of the most common uses of aerial surveying methods is for collecting data over expansive areas that would be difficult to survey using traditional methods. A brief drone flight can collect high resolution data that would take numerous hours to collect through other means. The result is that we provide detailed information quickly, efficiently and more cost-effectively than traditional surveying teams.

How accurate are drone surveying services?

The technology used in drone surveying services has evolved rapidly. Commercial drone equipment can be accurate to within 2-3cm horizontally and 5-6 cm vertically. The accuracy of aerial surveying data depends on a range of factors. Generally speaking, the high quality drone platforms, set-out equipment and processing software we use allows us to achieve even greater accuracy.

Can drones be used for volumetric survey?

Drones are ideal for all volumetric survey work. That includes recording stockpile volumes for mine management and calculating earthworks for construction projects. The combination of photogrammetry and LiDAR makes aerial volumetric surveying highly accurate.

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