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Drone Operations

Drone technologies are evolving quickly, and we’re always looking for new ways to put our equipment to use.

Thermal imaging drones are a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying. Drones can quickly source thermal imaging to reduce downtime.

Aerial mapping drones give you the power to map expansive areas and collect data and insights from inaccessible properties with dense or difficult terrain.

We provide crop spraying drone services to the agriculture and forestry industries. Drones allow us to digitally map farms and plantations for accurate spraying.

Drone farm mapping is a quick and affordable way to improve crop yield and health, plan projects and manage your operation more effectively.

We use advanced surveying technology to capture data that allows you to monitor changes and manage projects with our aerial surveying drone services.

We partner with emergency departments to offer emergency response drone services that provide insights first responders need to manage disasters.

Manage your equipment and structures, plan maintenance schedules and reduce the time spent on routine asset inspections using our drone services.

Unlock Better Insights

We can streamline your project management, mitigate safety risks and provide you with valuable data to support your operations.

Powerful Data Insights for all Industries

We are always ready to take on a new challenge and explore how we can provide the drone services your industry needs.


Streamline your farming operations with services that include crop spraying, seeding and monitoring using the latest agricultural drones.

Oil & Gas

Our drone thermal imaging sensors can drastically improve safety during the mining, transport, storage and production of oil and gas products.


Services like aerial mapping and volumetric surveys produce accurate, reliable data for mine sites, storage facilities and prospecting teams.


Capable of measuring with millimetre accuracy, we can provide data to help monitor construction progress and boost worksite efficiency.


Government agencies, the SES and other first responders benefit from the real time imaging provided by our emergency response drone services.


With the freedom to fly long distances and access difficult and dense terrain, drones are indispensable to forestry and national parks projects.

Drone Service Providers Committed to Constant Innovation

We’re obsessive about delivering the best end-to-end drone solutions. To do this effectively, we’re constantly innovating and improving our technology.

Full Empowerment Through Drone Technology

Drone technology is providing insights like never before.

At Toll Uncrewed Systems, we provide professional drone services to clients across Australia. When you need data to save money and make smarter decisions, we can tailor a service to empower your next project.

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