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RPAS Training Courses

Build the skills and knowledge you need to grow your career as a professional drone operator.

Get your career off the ground with everything you need to fly drones safely.

Get hands-on experience and earn your RePL with Toll Uncrewed Systems.

Turn your past aviation experience into an RePL with our conversion course.

Expand your services and skills with a sub 25kg rating for your drone licence.

Advance your mining, forestry and agriculture career with a VTOL rating.

Learn to operate drones in night lit conditions with NVFR training.

Grow your skills with our training on the latest drones, sensors and software.

Gain hands-on experience and master Agras drones, the latest in agriculture.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

Unlock the true utility of drones with a Beyond Visual Line of Sight rating.

Work with our consultants to develop and establish your ReOC.

Learn to operate a radio in controlled airspace with our AROC course.

Get your students ready for the future with training programs for high schools.

Not sure what drone course you need?

Call one of our training consultants who can help you determine what you need. 
We understand it can be confusing and our training team are ready to assist!

Get certified with our CASA drone courses

We are a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved Training Organisation, and we offer a range of UAV training programs and drone courses in Brisbane, Sydney and other locations Australia wide.

As professional UAV operators, we’re passionate about training the next generation of drone pilots. Our drone courses are designed to provide industry-focused training that is highly valued by real-world employers.

We hold a CASA Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC.0872) which authorises us as a CASA certified Training Organisation. Support and oversight from CASA allows us to provide safe, relevant training and issue you with a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) upon successful completion of our course. 

Toll Uncrewed Systems and CASA Drone Courses

At Toll Uncrewed Systems, we take great pride in delivering drone courses that help our students master new skills and move the industry forward. With a team that boasts decades of aviation experience, we’re able to offer some of Australia’s most respected and trusted drone courses and training packages.

We work with our students to deliver drone courses Australia wide. With a fleet that includes the latest drone platforms from manufacturers such as DJI, we provide hands-on training that prepares you to find employment as a professional drone pilot.

Our team works closely with candidates to ensure you have the support you need to reach your goals. Whether you want to learn a new skill or get involved with a booming industry, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to achieve your full potential.

Drone Courses and RPAS Licence

Drones or  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) as they are also known, have been around for decades, but in recent years they have exploded in popularity. As the technology becomes more accessible, Australia’s industries are adopting drones to lighten the load and perform a range of complex tasks.

Earning an RPAS certification is the fastest pathway to a career in drone operations.

With applications in mining, agriculture, surveying, forestry, entertainment and more, RPAS training offers invaluable skills in an industry that’s on the rise.

CASA licensing requirements vary across the drone industry, and the exact licence you need to obtain depends on the aircraft you’re piloting and the type of work you want to do. If you are unsure about which RPAS licence you will need, you’re always welcome to contact us for assistance.

RPAS Courses

Our new Brisbane training, maintenance and operations base is the heart of our business. Located in central Brisbane and Brendale, Toll Uncrewed Systems is perfectly located to offer RPAS training Brisbane wide.

We’re always working on expanding our course catalogue to deliver the RPAS drone training our students need.

Our Chief Pilot has more than 30 years of industry experience. Working with pilots, the Royal Australian Air Force, Government Bodies and private corporations, our Chief Pilot is at the leading edge of developing RPAS training courses.

From our dedicated Brisbane training base, students can access expertly-designed RPAS training and build skills in one of Australia’s fastest growing industries.

Recognising those who serve

At Toll Uncrewed Systems we like to give back to those who serve our country. That’s why we offer discounts on our training courses and CASA drone licence programs to anyone who holds a Military ID or Veteran Card. Talk to us today to find out more!

CASA Approved RPAS Certifications

Australia’s aviation industry is regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). To keep our skies safe, CASA manages licensing and training requirements that govern pilots of all types.

As a CASA approved Training Organisation, we offer end-to-end RPAS training solutions for students. With the ability to issue and upgrade CASA drone licences, we can offer training and RPAS licensing courses all in one place.

Depending on which course you take, successful students can obtain their RePL from Toll Uncrewed Systems and begin their professional career right away.

For those looking to provide commercial drone services, you’ll need to obtain a CASA Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC).

Obtaining an ReOC can be an involved process, and you are required to meet a variety of prerequisites, pay a fee to CASA and complete an application. We offer a consultation service to help you navigate this process and obtain your ReOC sooner.

RPAS Training for All Skill Levels

Industries all over the world are fast adopting drone technologies. With emerging opportunities in agriculture, mining, surveying, shipping and delivery, emergency response and more, demand for skilled drone operators has never been higher.

To access the best of what those roles have to offer, pilots need RPAS training designed by experienced aviation professionals. By delivering RPAS training throughout the country, we are nurturing the next generation of drone pilots and help them explore the fantastic opportunities on offer.

Whatever your skill level, we can provide you with RPAS training courses that suit your ambitions. Toll Uncrewed Systems has carefully designed our packages to work for as many people as possible.

With options for complete beginners, experienced pilots and even high school students, we’re ready to support you in reaching your potential.

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