Drone Courses in Sydney for the Next Generation of Pilots

Drone Training Sydney

Build your career and learn valuable skills with our CASA certified drone training courses in Sydney.

Introduction to Drones 

Build your career and learn valuable skills with our CASA certified training.

CASA Initial UAV Licencing (RePL) 

Become a licensed drone pilot with our Sydney based RePL training program.

CASA Pilot Conversion (RePL Conversion) 

Convert your existing aviation experience into a drone licence with this program.

CASA Sub 25kg Multirotor Licensing (RePL Sub 25kg) 

Expand your RePL ratings with our sub 25kg drone licensing course in Sydney.

Night VFR RPAS Training (NVFR) 

Learn to operate drones at night with our specialist Night VFR training program.

CASA Sub 25kg Powered Lift – VTOL

Explore the latest in powered lift technology and take your career to new heights.

Training Programs for High Schools

Kick start your students’ journey towards becoming drone pilots with our team.

Advanced Drone Systems 

Gain experience using the most advanced drone platforms, systems and sensors.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

Unlock the true utility of drones with a Beyond Visual Line of Sight rating.

CASA Agriculture Drone Training

Gain hands-on experience and master Agras drones, the latest in agriculture.

CASA Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate and Aviation English Language Proficiency 

Our AROC course can teach you to legally operate radio in controlled airspace.

ReOC Establishment and Approval

Looking to operate drones commercially? We can help obtain your ReOC.

Not sure what drone course you need?

Call one of our training consultants who can help you determine what you need. 
We understand it can be confusing and our training team are ready to assist!

Take your Career to New Heights with Sydney Drone Courses

Drones are one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. With applications throughout mining, construction, real estate, power generation and beyond, becoming a drone pilot is a great way to build a rewarding career.

To help achieve your career goals, Toll Uncrewed Systems offers drone courses in Sydney that can prepare you for any job you have in mind.

Our experienced instructors are at the forefront of the drone training industry. We provide Sydney based training that allows you to develop your skills and train with UAVs from manufacturers such as DJI, Foxtech, Wingtra and others. When you train with us, you can expect to get your hands on leading drone platforms, which helps prepare you for your career as a drone pilot.

You are welcome to explore our range of drone training courses at any time. Contact us if you’re unsure which courses are right for you. Our consultants are happy to work with you to develop a tailored drone pilot training and equipment package that helps you obtain the licences and endorsements you’ll need for your future career.

Do I Need a Drone Licence in NSW?

The short answer is yes – you need a drone licence to operate drones in New South Wales.

In Australia, anyone wishing to pilot drones on a commercial basis is required to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) from CASA. Securing your RePL allows you to operate drones anywhere in Australia. The licence is perpetual and doesn’t need to be renewed.

There are no prerequisites to obtain an RePL. Anyone can apply, including recreational pilots. Even if you’re just flying for fun, obtaining your RePL is a great way to learn more about flying drones, build your skills as a pilot and expand your commercial career opportunities. The only time you don’t need an RePL is if you are:

  • Flying recreationally
  • Operating a drone that weighs less than 2kg
  • Operating a drone that weighs between 2kg and 25kg over your own land

You aren’t required to hold an RePL if you are flying recreationally, but you do need to comply with CASA’s drone rules. You can enrol in our Sydney drone training to qualify for an RePL. This allows you to operate a drone outside of CASA’s standard operating conditions.

Recognising those who serve

At Toll Uncrewed Systems we like to give back to those who serve our country. That’s why we offer discounts on our training courses and CASA drone licence programs to anyone who holds a Military ID or Veteran Card. Talk to us today to find out more!

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