• Sub 25kg Multirotor Licensing (RePL Sub 25kg)

Sub 25kg Multirotor Licensing (RePL Sub 25kg)

Upgrade your drone licence rating and learn to operate larger aircraft safely with our RePL Sub 25kg training course.

1 - 2 days

Course duration


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Course Overview

Our RePL 25kg course enables Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) professionals to develop the skills required to fly and be licenced for operating drones up to 25kg safely and professionally.

The training is conducted on aircraft such as DJI’s Matrice 600 or equivalent. This allows our drone course students to be issued with a CASA Licencing outcome for up to 25kg and certificate for Type Training.

Upon completion of this course, we can upgrade your existing RePL CASA licence with a RePL 25kg, giving you the ability to fly RPAS up to 25kg.

Note: To enrol in this course, you must already hold a RePL or Controllers Certificate.

Upcoming Course Dates

Enrol in one of our upcoming course dates if you’re ready to upgrade your drone licence with a sub 25kg rating.

  • Brisbane Training Courses

  • Sydney Training Courses

Course Content Includes:

  • RePL 25kg training
  • Instructed piloting
  • Basic maintenance and safety checks
  • Pre and post flight checks
  • Assembly and disassembly of the aircraft
  • Theoretical training

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