The future for drones – 1 Billion drones by 2030

April 5

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Have you seen the latest article in CASA’s Flight Safety Magazine on the future for drones? Its an interesting read including some cool info on manned drones (drones with people in them but a remote pilot or autonomous pilot) and some predictions on numbers. The numbers are staggering with a potential 1 Billion drones to be in operation by 2030. Audi and Airbus are already collaborating on concepts for a modular vehicle that is both an autonomous electric car and urban air vehicle. Take a look!

While you are there looking at the future of drones, have a look at the article from a few years ago of the 12 ways your drone can land you in trouble.  An oldie but a goodie and a good refresher of things to watch for when using your drone.

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Drones in the future -UAV Training Australia


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What is BVLOS

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