UAV Careers – are there really UAV jobs?

April 5

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We often get asked about UAV careers for graduates of our industry focussed training programs, particularly by parents of potential students. Its not easy to answer – not because there are no career paths, just that the industry is growing so quickly and in to so many new areas that its difficult to keep up!

A recent meeting we had with a school careers advisor is a good example. After we briefed them on our industry focussed training, the careers advisor asked the usual question “What are the UAV careers though when students finish the course? I have heard about opportunities in professional photography, real estate photos and even pizza delivery but are there real UAV jobs or UAV Careers out there?”.

This is when the conversation get’s really interesting. Most people still do not realise how diverse the UAV industry is. Like the Careers advisor we spoke with, most people are generally familiar with these kind of roles in aerial photography and some high profile delivery trials. People know of these so it’s a good place to start the discussion, and there are opportunities there especially if you want to set up a small business. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to UAV careers.

When you start to talk about how UAV’s are being used in industries like Agriculture, Mining, Local Government, Police, Surf Lifesaving, Surveying, Forestry, Defence, Electricity utilities, and start to go through multiple examples of how UAV’s are now embedded into industries and transforming they way they operate you get the same result every time – excitement! Very quickly the conversation changes into how many different UAV careers are now possible, either as a primary role or as a supporting skill. As industries are adopting UAVs into their operations, they need skilled pilots who understand how to pilot a remote vehicle but also who can do it professionally, managing risks to ensure they are operating safely and legally.

An example of the importance of UAVs in industry today is currently appearing in the media as part of the Mineral Council of Australia “Making the future possible” campaign. You may have seen some of their ads on TV or online. Take a look and you will see how UAVs or drones are now a key part of the mining industry and their usage is growing daily.

If you are interested in getting your own UAV Career kicked off please contact us.

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Jobs for UAV - UAV Training Australia

Possible jobs for UAV Graduates - UAV Training Australia

Career Paths for UAV Graduates - UAV Training Australia


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